Elect, The (noun) People who have switched to an all-electric lifestyle and therefore are going to heaven (however they define it).

Electable (adj) A candidate with a pro-electrification pro-climate solution agenda.

ElecTaurus (noun) An electric Ford Taurus made with a hobby kit.

Elect-ion (noun) The act of choosing an all–electrified…

If I were the Australian Prime Minister, a few words to lead the world

I have been wondering how world leaders will window-dress the chasm between climate ambition and climate reality. The “commitments” continue to outpace actual “action.” For example, the admirable Biden “50% reductions by 2030” goal is nowhere to be seen in the lackluster ambition of Infrastructure and reconciliation acts.

I’m Australian…

Decarbonization, demystified

Drawings by Saul Griffith.

With wildfires in the West, torrential floods in Europe, parched reservoirs, and other dramatic signs that the climate crisis is upon us, we would all like to flip a switch and stop our carbon emissions so that we can save the planet for our children. But in a world full…

Image thanks to @KingmanInk

About 18 months ago, before the pandemic and the historic US election, I changed my life from working on energy technologies that will contribute to the climate solution to working on the politics, policy, and communications side of climate change. I founded Rewiring America with Alex Laskey, another successful energy…

I’m in Australia, where I’m from and am staying for the duration of the pandemic, which has led me to look at the earth from this vantage point.

In the Australian Academy of Science report “The Risks to Australia of a 3 degree warmer world,” the reality of climate science…

(Warning/TLDR : You can’t fix the DOE in 1000 words)

Apparently, some corner of the Twitterverse has nominated me to be energy secretary. As an Australian who is not yet a naturalized citizen, I’m not eligible (I’d be 15th in line to the presidency, so no go), but it’s worth running the thought experiment of what I would do if…

How to rewire America to promote equity and create new jobs

Our study shows that switching to clean energy backed by renewables in the U.S. will create 25 million new jobs, most of which can’t be out-sourced.

Sadly, due to the pandemic, we now have the highest unemployment we’ve seen since the Great Depression. Many of those jobs will disappear forever in the post-Covid world, and others will take years to return to normal. But with…

Saul Griffith

Founder / Principal Scientist at Otherlab, an energy R&D lab, and co-founder/Principal Scientist at Rewiring America, a coalition to electrify everything.

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