Saul Griffith
8 min readDec 22, 2021

Elect, The (noun) People who have switched to an all-electric lifestyle and therefore are going to heaven (however they define it).

Electable (adj) A candidate with a pro-electrification pro-climate solution agenda.

ElecTaurus (noun) An electric Ford Taurus made with a hobby kit.

Elect-ion (noun) The act of choosing an all–electrified future.

Electra Complex (noun) A psychological state of depression and despair when your neighbors’ houses are all-electrified and your landlord won’t replace your gas heater and stove with all-electric modern appliances.

Electransit (noun) Electrified transport

Electric (adjective) The atmosphere at Rewiring America.

ElectriCal (noun) When California becomes the first all-electric US state and leads the world.

Electric Amperage (noun) The unadulterated joy felt viscerally upon taking a long, hot shower enabled by your new heat pump.

Electric Avenue (lyrics)

Oh no we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue — And then we’ll take it higher —

Oh we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue — And then we’ll take it higher —

(Eddy Grant was way ahead of his time.)

Electric Eel (noun) Coolest fish in the ocean.

Electric Demand-Response (noun) What happens when climate activists make a demand for electrification, and the fossil fuel industry yields in response because it turns out that electrification just makes sense.

Electric Guitar (noun) What Jimmy Hendrix did with spar spangled banner is what electrification is doing to utility business models.

Electrician (noun) A hero in the fight to address climate change.

Elec-trician (noun) A member of the all- electric class, people who are eliminating car- bon emissions to save the planet.

Electri-city (noun) Electrified urban areas.

Electricize (noun) Electric-assisted exercise. Not quite as vigorous as the real thing, but still good, such as e-bikes and electric power motors.

Elec-trick (adj) The way an induction stove can boil water in half the time. Also used for more general approbation for how cool your all-electrified house is.

Elec-trickery (adj) That thing that happens when the magnets inside the motors make the wheels go round and round.

Electricool (adjective) Describes any number of heat-pump type machines, also the people who use them.

Electrical Resistance (noun) The state of believing a gas stove is better than an induction stove because you have never tried an induction stove.

Electricious (adj) Food that is good for you and the environment, cooked on an induction stove and often vegetarian or with just a little meat occasionally, produced with regenerative agriculture.

Electric Shock (noun) An awakening event resulting in the realization that we no longer need our fossil fuel appliances.

Electric Slide (noun) When you occasionally use your grill or other gas-fired amenities. (We all do it.)

Electri-curious (adj) Not ready to give up your internal combustion completely, but ready to, you know, experiment, with electric motorcycles.

Electricycle (noun) Motorbike conver-sion, e.g. what you call your vintage Vespa that still looks beautiful but needed an electric conversion to eliminate that horrific 2-stroke.

Electri-DIY (verb) The process of electrifying everything in your house and garage yourself, often using electri-FYI.

Electrifidelity (noun) Fidelity to the cause of electrification, e.g. pledging never to buy another fossil-fueled appliance.

Electrification (noun) The all–electric vacation you have, e.g. road tripping across America, in a Ford electric crate motor pow- ered 1961 Lincoln Continental.

Electrifier (noun) Somebody who electrifies everything, a growing group, soon to be everyone, and hopefully by 2030.

Electrifire (noun) The smug glow of warmth and happiness as you bathe in the new world combination of heat pump driven radiant heat and a red hued LED light system.

Electrifly (noun) Short flights in electric planes, or cool EVs.

Electrifry (noun) Cooking with an induc- tion stove, used by ”circuit bakers.”

Electrify (noun) Title of book deemed the “Bible” and road map for addressing climate change through electrification and excellent holiday gift, by Saul Griffith from MIT Press.

Electri-FYI (noun) All the information you need to electrify your home, e.g. “Electrify Everything in your Home” by Joel Rosenberg of Rewiring America.

Electrigal (noun, verb, adjective) The new generation of female electricians whose fathers were coal miners who encouraged them to join the new economy instead.

Electrip (noun) Taking a trip via electric mode of transport.

Electri-shitty (adj) Having the knowledge that electrifying everything is the only way to address climate change but continuing to support fossil fuels for profit.

Elect-risian (noun) A person who hails from an all-electrified city.

Electrish (adj) A compromise, like a plug-in hybrid, that is almost electric, but not quite.

Electritious (adj) The most ambitious of the electrification schedules, i.e. in time to keep global warming under 1.5 degrees C.

Electritus (adj) The e-waste that we might let get out of control unless we learn to recycle those lithium batteries and solar cells.

Electrivist (noun) Electrification activist.

Elect-road (noun) A street with sufficient charging stations at all of the parking spaces to electrify a neighbourhood.

Electro-cute (adjective) Upgrading your home, kitchen, or garage with an adorable electric appliance.

Elect-oral (adjective) Means of communicating the benefits of an all-electric future, passing along wisdom through true stories and lived experience.

Electoral Collage (noun) The coalition of organizations supporting the electrification of everything on a local level.

Electoral College (noun) The place where one studies the religion and science of electric persuasion.

Elect-orate (verb) To give a passionate speech intended to convince an audience to electrify their lives.

Electro-ballistic (adj) What happens when the power goes out and you haven’t installed a back-up battery yet.

Electrobot (noun) Machines we will rely on to help us electrify everything.

Electro-chemistry (noun) When two people find themselves magnetically attracted to each other because of their fully-electrified lives. (See also “electromance.”)

Electro-Confusion (noun) Being unclear about the difference between an old electric stove and a modern induction stove. Same with air conditioner and heat pump.

Elect-road (verb) Interstate highways with solar powered super-chargers at every on-ramp.

Elect-rode (verb) Past tense for the activity of riding an electric bike with a giant smile on your face.

Electro-dynamic (adj) Of a person filled with positive energy, attitude, and ideas living and promoting an all-electrified life.

Electro-fit (verb) The process of retrofitting your life with awesome electric machinery.

Electrogalvanic (adj) Of a charismatic person who can galvanize their local govern- ments to pass regulations that support elec- trification and not fossil fuels, or galvanize others to protest regulations that benefit fossil fuels.

Electrohood (noun) An electrified neighborhood.

Electro-kinetic: (adj) Part of the big family of people who are living cleaner, hap- pier lives and doing their part to save the climate, thanks to electrifying everything. Also “electro-bro” and “electro-sis”.

ElectroLiar (noun, verb, adjective) Someone who uses resistance base-board heaters in their comparisons of costs of heating between electricity and natural gas.

Electrolicious (adj) The quality of subtle and delicious cooking results that can only be achieved on an induction stove.

Electro-lite (noun) Doing what you can within your means and circumstances to elec- trify, even if it is not everything in your home. Renters who live in homes with gas heaters, water heaters, and stoves can still go electro- lite by riding ebikes, buying an induction burner, and using electric heaters.

Electrolizer (noun) The thing used to make green hydrogen from electricity which also is a first step to becoming electri-curious.

Elec-troll-ysis (noun) The act of posting incorrect and out–of–date statements advocating fossil fuel and/or denying climate change on social media.

Electrologist (noun) The person who designs your all-electric house.

Electro-lux (adj) Pertaining to the specific luxuries of all-electric appliances, such as radiant-heated floors, zippy electric cars, and incredibly clean and efficient heat and cooling with heat pumps.

Electrolysis (noun) A process for eradicating our hairiest climate problems.

Electro-lyte (noun) One who believes in the science and theory that electrifying every- thing is the way to save money, create jobs, and address global warming.

Electromagnanamous (adj) What you are when you donate to Rewiring America.

Electromagnate (noun) Wildly successful renewable energy entrepreneur.

Electromagnet (noun) Someone who’s hot because of how cool their electrified life is; might invite you to their electricked pad.

Electro-magnetic (adj) That special feeling of glamour and attractiveness that comes with whole-life electrification.

Electromance (noun) That magical thing that happens under LED mood-lighting after a glass of wine and induction-cooked risotto. Can involve a shared heat pump-heated hot tub.

Electrometer (noun) A device that mea- sures how electrified your life is.

Electro-motive (noun) Rationale behind electrifying everything, e.g., saving money on energy bills, saving the planet for the next gen- erations, creating jobs, improving air quality.

Electr-on (noun) Fossil-off

Electronica (noun, verb, adjective) The defining music of the electrification movement, often associated with unprecedented levels of productivity and focus.

Electro-positive (adj) The upstanding members of communities who are rewiring their districts by showing up at city halls all over the world to change the regulations and building codes from gas to electricity positive.

Electro-polar (adj) Driving an EV while burning lots of propane heaters in your backyard and using gas to fire up your hot tub.

Electro-puncture (verb) The ability to poke holes in any argument for fossil fuels.

Electroquacious (adj) The state of being outspoken about the many benefits of your electrified home.

Electrorgasmic (adj) Sensation when you realize how great modern electric ma- chines work, like quick, silent acceleration in an EV or precise temperature control with an induction stove.

Electro-scope (noun, verb, adjective) The scope of work in the bidding of the contractors who are going to rewire your house.

Electro-type (noun) Modern person.

Electrovert (noun) The outrageously loud and proud of the fully electrified crowd.

Electruck (noun) An electric truck, SUV, or ute, e.g. Lightning, Cyber, Hummer, and Rivian.

Fossil Freedom (noun) What awaits you at the end of your electrification journey.

Generate (noun) It’s not what your rooftop can do for you, but what your rooftop can do for your country.

Generation (noun) The young generation that will save us with electrification of the nation. Also, “future generations,” the people who will exist if we do this right.

Heat-Pump (noun) The electrickery that turns electricity into heat using water or air.

Heat-Pumped (adj) The feeling you get when your Rewiring America hoodie em-blazened with “My heat pump makes me hot, and cool” arrives in the mail.

Ionaclast (noun) Electric business legend.

Insulator (noun) Contractor who improves the performance of your all–electric home by plugging air gaps, double glazing your windows, and filling the ceiling with insulation.

Ohm (noun) The chant of the resistance.

Resistance (verb) The defiant act of advocacy and implementation of your all electric community.

Rewiring America (verb) Voted hottest new advocacy group of 2021 in a completely biased poll of climate activists.

Rewiring Australia (verb) The younger sibling of Rewiring America, but hopeful it can electrify a whole continent first because it has cheaper solar.

Rewiring the World (verb) What needs to happen, pronto. The offshoot project of Rewiring America, 2022.

Rooftop-Solar (noun) The one climate policy Australia got right.

Sparkitecht (noun) A designer of all– electric structures.

Volt Age (noun) The age of clean electricity; sparking the Volt Age with a battery of supporters.

Saul Griffith

Founder / Principal Scientist at Otherlab, an energy R&D lab, and co-founder/Principal Scientist at Rewiring America, a coalition to electrify everything.